Saturday, November 19, 2011


Child in me1

Wanna think like a child today…
With my heart & soul into my musings,
A thought so innocent that it takes no thinking,
A thought it is, that came to me only then,
A thought it is, I wanna let come today.

Wanna sleep like a child today…
With no thoughts of tomorrow,
With no worries of yesterday,
In every breath I take, in every move I make!

When I last traversed the journey of sleep,
She cuddled me with all the thoughts of tomorrow, I remember,
She took me on an uneasy ride of near past & present,
Leaving a mismatch between what I wish & what I dreamt I would get.

Wanna get busy like a child today,
Playing & making the world play along,
Beaming with energy, transmitting the zeal over long,
Living the real meaning of fun,
On a joy ride as I took all, in every run!

Wanna sense a candid touch,
Touch of those pearl drops in my innocent eyes…
The drops which could once melt the anger in my dad,
The drops which could once scare my mother,
So impeccable is an existence such, every bit so pristine!

Wanna smile like a child today,
Wanna feel the long lived childlike innocence…
A smile that has no reason or perhaps one having many reasons,
A smile unmeasured, a smile unadulterated,
A smile that can spread peace over miles!

Smile is true even today, but that of a child is unmatched…
An epitome of simplicity it is,
Carrying the zenith of purity,
Touching every heart to peace.
Be it hearts well known, little known or unknown,
Spreads among all unprejudiced, with all its grace!

The child in me is alive still & shall be so forever,
He is dormant for a while now when I walk this path of life,
As a grown-up I am here calling out to him today,
An attempt to bring out the child within,
Wish to surface him this day!!!
The child in me is alive & shall be so forever…

- Ahi (Proudly a child @ heart)


  1. So here the day has come to be child again................feel the way u felt long long back . and these goes to the magnanimous effort by AHI....
    really nice

  2. @Aryan urf Prateek: Well not a magnanimous effort n all boy. A very simple effort to put down what i felt or perhaps still feel! :)

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