Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Abrupt Fascination!!! :)


It all happened during the classic visit to Auroville, the city of dawn, situated at about 10 kms north of the town of  Pondicherry. This was perhaps the first time I saw complete sacrifice and absolute dedication for spiritual devotion! To walk the path of goodwill and make this world a better place…To leave all the materialistic luxury and fantasies of pleasure…To achieve the immortal luxury of peace & satisfaction and accomplish the divine pleasure of benevolence…To heal the world with the realization of human unity. This is a town being built where people from all countries can live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, politics and nationalities. Auroville founded by Mirra Alfassa (better known as ‘The Mother’) is one of the biggest projects of Sri Aurobindo Society. It is Sri Aurobindo’s vision in action. It is a place which represents no religion, no philosophy and no sect.
The greenery around was serene. I loved gazing all over and was busy admiring the variety of plants and trees around while I was having a stroll in the campus…When my eyes suddenly fell on somebody. It absolutely distracted my attraction towards the place so green and so beautiful. Perhaps I saw something, rather,  someone more pleasing!


He was an old man in foreign land,
Busy setting up his camera on its stand.
His look in red and white,
Was absolutely tranquil and quiet.

For him, this was no foreign land,
He was well versed with the plants and the sand.
As for him, he was no visitor like me when free,
He was to be here so was he here, in the holy spree.

I was mesmerized by the conspicuous composure in his face,
In him seemed the Godly twinkle my eyes could chase.
There was this extraordinary gleam,
Without my notice, that gave me a beam.

I seldom knew the force I was on ride,
In no time, I was there by his side.
I struck an effortless conversation with this stranger, quite unlike me,
But what makes the stranger so familiar to me, what could it be?

A wonderfully welcoming smile with honey quoted words beautifully woven,
He was gracious to an extent that made me go merrily frozen.
I knew not what I was to at that instant,
The smile on my face seemed to have become a constant.

The conversation was short but was worth it all,
I was awestruck, not knowing the grounds at all.
To my friends, he was just another man,
But to me, he seemed out of the ordinary, off the common man…!!!

Even now, I wonder how it all happened…Certain things in life have no reason may be.

This was certainly a fascination to me…An abrupt fascination indeed!!

Have you ever felt this way for someone or something, at any point in your life? Have you ever come across an unexpected marvel of this sort?? Do share if you have…

- Ahila (a wanderer)

" Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else.”    ~ Lawrence


  1. ahi ur a great writer in making.... u just describe things so well...just loved every bit of it... autobiographies bhi likna shuru karo na:)

  2. best description of place and espacially the spirituality explain karna koi tumse sikhe

    soch kaise lete hai app itni khubsurti se lesson lena padega..............

  3. Superb writing yaar.....definitely one day u will achieve your GOAL...

  4. @Hemanth: Heyaa thanks a ton my dear!! Would love to be one someday..Autobiographies, ooooh lemme think :P

    @Aryan: Hmmmm shukriyaa ji! :) Yea ryt, lesson it seems..Its js' about the flow ya.

  5. @Abhinav: Thanks a lot yaar! Been quite long that i've heard from ya. Thank you so so much for those golden words. AMEN!! :)

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  7. waow ....jus waow...............u must try for creative writing.....m really proud of U ...In the world of writing,U vl be a GEM ....

  8. @Gattie: Thanks babe!! You're too generous to say that, I must mention :) My pleasure though, if I can make you proud in my lil' way. :)

  9. i curse myself - why i waited a week to read this amazingly written masterpiece. it is truly exceptional, and very well written. you have definitely come a long way. this is just a sample. and the rate you are improving, you will be there much sooner. good luck. and the quote is very good, and true too. keep rocking!

  10. and i truly enjoyed, reading it. thank you :)

  11. @Sashi: Hey Sashi, thanks a ton for all those lovely words for this piece!! :) Anytime! I shall keep giving you something like this in bursts :P

    P.S - And kindly drop your name the next time you comment! ;)

  12. truely great!! very well written piece of blog! :):) do keep writing!!

  13. @Ash: Thank you babe!! :) And like I always say, I will keep writing whenever I can sneak in some time for the same.

  14. lovely one ahi.. :) its soooo beautiful..i can so very well connect and the relate to the whole thing...n the way u have expressed ur experience and your feelings is just amazing...ur writing makes me feel like i am there at the spot and i can see the whole thing goin in front of me like a movie roll...just too good..brilliant! kudos! \m/

  15. Good one Ahi ..... beautifully expressed :) will surely share once get this kinda fascination..... ;)

  16. @Tanu: Thank u so much sweets! Couldn't have got words better than these. :) Thanks a lot my dear!! :D

  17. @Binny: Shukriyaa sweets! M glad you too think so! :) Will wait to gather your words of experience though! :P

  18. hmmmm.... an abrupt fasination indeed........ good write up dear.... keep up the good work.

  19. HMMM...had heard this from you before u typed it down..but reading this was a different experience altogether :)
    BTW gale mein fanda kyun daal rakha :P

  20. @Pritish bhaiya: Thank you so much bhaiya! :)))

    @Motu: Ahhhh I see, then you wouldn't have enjoyed it much! :( Hehehe glad that my write up could give you a different feel altogether. :D
    Waise, that's no fanda okie. It's my cutie muffler! :@

  21. just sifting through all your blog write ups after several times of you sending me reminders and stuff....really sorry for that! And am sorry that I would have almost missed this piece of work if I had been lazy any longer! This would be especially close to my heart....more so because I am a follower of The Mother's preachings....wanted to visit Pondicherry and Auroville since a long time...but as always it ended up in my list of things to do, but never got done! Thanks a ton,sweetie, for showing me a glimpse of Auroville as it is now....As usual,splendid work....I guess I can start a blog on how well you write a blog!! :) Keep going gal!! :D

  22. @Ranju: Hehe m so glad you made your way out of your laziness! Too much haan, m sure you can't write a second post about me in your blog. ;) Thanks for all those lovely words yet again! :)


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