Saturday, October 30, 2010

Indian Ocean – As the name, so the band!!

Indian Ocean – A music band known for its intensity in its touch of diversified genres, be it Fusion, Indian, Rock, Jazz or Sufi...A contemporary fusion music band whose compositions are a ‘soulful amalgamation of sorts’. At times it is seen glorifying the Indian shlokas, Christian hymns, etc. making an absolutely mesmerizing Indo-rock fusion melody, with an unusual topping of jazz making it totally spectacular!!

I had earlier heard a few, yes very few tracks of theirs but loved them to the very core having a considerably decent understanding towards this heavenly field called music. Knew them only by those few numbers I had heard till then. Their piece of music would pump an amazing level of positive energy within, making me feel great at heart and mind. Their melodies were always my best stress busters!! But back then, little did I know that there was a lot more to what they are and what their extent of passion towards their work of art was...

This was the first time I was to hear them LIVE. The first time I was to see them perform in front of my eyes. I was, for all obvious reasons, excited about the whole event. I knew this would be a moment I would always cherish but there was something that bowled me over that evening, totally...

If one could get bowled out this way, then I bet all batsmen would yearn to get bowled out, for a change! Here I come, with my bit of experience enlightened!

I reached the premises with my friends...Till then having heard only 2 songs of this absolutely Indian band, ‘Kandisa’ and ‘Des Mera’. Quite unlike most of the others present there, who had possibly heard Indian Ocean’s pieces umpteen times, to know and understand even a change in chord. Nevertheless, I must say that even having heard just 2 compositions of theirs was enough for me to fall in love with their creativity and this band, by far.

Anyway, there I was to witness the concert at Palace Grounds, Bangalore. It was the 15th of October ’10. With the tits and bits acquired from my friends around, I had learnt a lot more about the band than what I knew until I had stepped in. The show started. Energy saw a high everywhere.

I was jubilant for I was there, finally,
I could now believe my eyes as they were not even a metre away, really.

I was then dancing, I was swinging,
To their melody, I was singing.

It was not just the incessant generation of energy, every muscle seemed relaxing,
Amazing were those vibes transmitted, absolutely positive and revitalizing.

The profound depth in their Voice and their Music was an absolute metaphor to the mighty Indian Ocean.
The music was soothing my senses to an extent miraculous, took me places with every vivid beat, as always, so very like the band ‘Indian Ocean’.


Soon realized, I was all captivated by every other symphony; in them, I was lost,
Even after the concert was over, my heart and mind remained mesmerized to frost...!!!

I could feel myself floating, like they say the feel of being on cloud #9, even after it was all over and they were off the dais. To my surprise, they came down to where the spectators were seated. In a flash, I couldn’t spot them at all. This was possibly as obvious to happen as a baby running towards a chocolate he/she loves, isn’t it?!!! :)

It was an absolute pride for me to watch them perform LIVE. Having yet another reason in my kitty, to be proud of having born in a land that has just so much in it!

They are heavenly, so is their work!! Hence I say, “As the name, so the band”…!!!

3 loud cheers to INDIAN OCEAN…
3 cheers to Late Asheem Chakravarty, Rahul Ram, Susmit Sen, Amit Kilam, Himanshu Joshi & Tuhin Chakravarty

A heartfelt tribute to Asheem. “ We all immensely miss him and will always do ”

- Ahi (a simple yet intense music lover)


  1. Well...As the name, So the band!!
    m pretty sure next time they are in the same town as u r in, in any part of the world, u r not gonna miss them at any cost!!

  2. pics are amazing...i want these pics...plz send them across to me too :)

  3. @Shaan: Absolutely!! You got it so right! :)
    Will send across the pics to you & a video as well.

  4. Nice write up and amazing pics...I really missed something I guess. KUTGW :)

  5. @Motu: Thank you so so much! Well yeah, beyond doubts you did miss something worth! :)

  6. amazing!!! beautiful one ahi!!! they are coming back on november 2. i think and suggest that u should go and gift this to them..they should know how people feel about their music...and the way u have done it..just too good!:) :) :)

  7. @Tanu: Feels amazin' to hear these words yet again! Thanks a zillion sweets! :) Wow!! But happens to be a workin' day right, lets see if I could make it!
    Waise, I have given the link with Rahul. Waiting to hear from him.

  8. Really u got an extravaganza treat which we missed not being thr.But ya it would have been an wholesm experince for u all guys

    again great piece of description with some sanity in its presence that any one can feel.

    Ahi stupendous......... tussi great ho
    cha gaye guruuuuuuuuuu

  9. @Aryan urf Praeek: I am sure you did miss it boy. It was a treat beyond doubts. Do attend their concert when they perform in Delhi. :)

    Shukriyaa for all those words boy! Glad you liked it! :D

  10. Good one yet aagin baby :) :) i missed the concert :'(

  11. @Divya: A BIG thank u dearie, yet again :) Yeah, no don't worry, koi naa but next time you gotta hear them live. You'll love it Divs!

  12. Wonderful writeup .. Though i haven heard abt them got to know now thru this :)

  13. @Bhu: Heya, thanks Bhu! I am glad you did :))

  14. I have been listening to Indian Ocean for last 10 years and am simply crazy about their music. Whatever is said about them, it's less. Listen to the song 'Sone Ki Nagri' and it will blow you away:)


  15. Hey Bibhuti, so totally agree with you. 'SOne ki nagri', that would be in my to do list :) Wonder how could I miss it this long. Thanks!

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