Friday, September 9, 2016

Forever and for always

  You came like a gentle breeze into my life.
  I fell in love with you like I was with myself and my life.

  You held my hand like you hold still.
  And we made our path of togetherness for 'FIVE YEARS' now,
wish to make a long one still.

  You are my strength, my pillar in thick and thin.
  I am living my dreams with you beside
and you do it all to see me win.

  You are my twinkle, you are my sheen.
  You are my cushion I know I can forever lean.

  You are my cocoa, you are my cheese.
  You are my home, my ultimate peace!

  I love you for life and beyond...
  The life that you make "dream like beautiful"!

  My sunshine you are and forever will be.
  That joy of the first few drops of rain,
your smile brings in me. :-)

Cheers to the completion of 5 lovely years together :) Can't wait to see the rest!

Forever and for always yours,
Ahi :)

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