Friday, April 29, 2016

Honey Valley & Chingaara estates- Your home amidst Nature @ Coorg!

Love gazing at Mother Nature? Love to feel the smell of air all clean and pure? Come and visit Coorg (also known as kodagu) in Karnataka. Not so far away from the hustle and bustle of our city life, is this absolute beauty of Nature!

Honey Valley Resort

Homestay they call it. A heavenly home far away from the usual, definitely for me! This is the ‘Honey Valley estate’ in Coorg. A place absolutely off-beat and refreshingly beautiful! Very simple yet naturally classy is this place at a hill-top amidst Nature.

To reach the top, you could either walk the 3 km stretch, real steep, rocky and wet or take a jeep sent by the homestay. Walking this stretch is a definite fun as you get to experience the bliss of raw, absolutely raw and unexploited Nature. Driving through this way is a thrill but the fun element gets over in very little time and you just don’t want that. These jeeps are crazy strong and stronger are the drivers who seem to find driving at such an angle up-hill brutally simple with absolutely no slip. It is something we should experience atleast once. If you have a good stamina, you could walk/hike your way up too.


The homestay is exciting in a lot many ways. The tranquillity around will have a profound calming effect on one. You would be at peace! You get to see a whole lot of plants here, from coffee estates to spices, from rare species of plants to the floral ones adding colours to those lush greens.

The ruggedness around, that raw look so untouched, it's gonna stay within for long and give you the calming effect we otherwise crave for in our fast moving city lives. Agenda for a day or two could be just to walk around and I would say it's an agenda worth it!!!

The rooms here are very comfortable with the smell of Nature even indoors. This is a perfect place to relax with all the basics one 'needs' in life amidst the 'special' (read Mother Nature), which is rare a deal! Be ready to spot teeny weeny insects wherever you go, but guys let them live even if you don't enjoy their presence - they mean no harm to us! Watch out for the leaches while you venture out though. You definitely should push them off your skin else your blood in gonna be on it's way to a pointless donation. :P

Food served here is a complete charmer!!! Wonderful homely Coorgy food served hot for lunch is a speciality, one must experience! Food is served in a common dining space here which is a great place to catch up with people and books.

They have a lot of trekking and hiking trails from Honey Valley which can gift you with some beautiful surprises after the little hard work of course, reminding you of what they say - 'Nothing worth having, comes without hard work'! These paths might present you with quite a few stumbling blocks that might make you head back but again remind yourself of what 'they say' and go looking for that experience, to witness that bliss! These trails lead us to some stunning scenic points which are credits, one must collect.

Chingaara Resort

Both Honey Valley and Chingaara estates are family properties of Mr. Chengappa. Honey Valley taken care of by Mr. and Mrs. Chengappa and Chingaara estate taken care of by their son Mr. Sharath. They are very warm and would have all the arrangements made to make you feel totally at home.

Another striking place this is, 'The Chingaara estate', with the gorgeousness of Nature and the goodness of luxury! The rooms here are more spacious with the modern look and comfort. The library, the dining area and the sit-out , all of these are absolutely beautiful!

The food here is yum too. :) Food is of utmost importance wherever we travel to ain't it? Especially if it's a holiday amidst Nature, off the usual, you wish to experience something different, yet don't wanna lose the feeling of being at home and that is exactly what the food is like here!!

One of the biggest attractions here is a private waterfall called the Chingaara falls. It is a part of the Chingaara estate. 

Honey Valley is at a slightly higher altitude than the Chingaara estate so trekking to this falls from Honey Valley is one awesome experience! A short trek it is but the fun of trekking this path is no less with the beauty around.

While you trek your way to this pristine waterfalls from the Honey Valley estate, you would cross the Chingaara estate home stay and walk further down to reach your destination. Walking this stony ramp-down, your heart and soul would be totally pumped up and your mind would be getting lost in the perfectly untapped Nature all around. One wouldn't be able to help but fall in love with this place!

Peace and freshness is in the air and this feel just gets me off the ground. 

I feel like a bird flying in the sky.
Sky which is absolutely clear and pure.
When I reach the destination, I see paradise!
Wow is the expression that instant!!! 

It is a complete calmer to the eyes to witness this waterfall so pure and heavenly. 

It is just me, my love and the waterfall.
Ecstatic is the feel hard to express in words. 

They seem to me like drops of heaven! 
Like the glory of Nature, it is happily singing to me…

Now as I narrate, that untainted music seems to ring in my ears.
Wish I could sing it to you…
I know I can’t do justice to this splendour though.
It is Mother Nature at her best!
Wanna hear it, go there and live it!! :)

Overall, this for me was a grand and a picturesque experience!!! Certainly adding a gorgeous colour to my life I would cherish forever and desire to live over and over again.

P.S - When there, do get their home-made jam, home-made chocolates and their coffee powder. They're all great!

- Ahi (a lover of Mother Nature)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Camera Museum, George Town

Cameras are instrumental to moments worth capturing and photographs have the ability to make one traverse back to those memories of life. Cameras are those eyes that can make a copy of those moments which your eyes would wish to see time and again. A small thing as this has the potential to make our lives much better and happier! ‘Small’ we call it, but if you ask the professionals here (ask yourself if you are a professional photographer), they definitely would tell us how ‘big’ this subject is.
Everybody might have a different insight to photography; everybody might have a different reason to have a photograph. Having said that, it’s interesting to note that, the one desire that remains unanimous across the globe is great quality photograph.  Better photographs mean improved cameras and a good pair of hands to hold them!

Cameras have now become an essential part of our lives. Our vacations spent travelling almost seem pointless without having a camera in hand. And…If the camera is designed to get the best out of your hands, then nothing like it!! So why are we speaking so much about cameras, we all know pretty much everything about its importance and it’s want in today’s era, don’t we?


“A camera in hand”, we all can imagine. But a hundreds of it in front of your eyes with some vintage collection and in all cool shapes and sizes, how exciting would that be? We don’t get a chance to experience the spectacle of a variety display of cameras having been used over decades every now and then, do we?!! At the Muntri Street of Georgetown in Penang Island, Malaysia you’ll get to see this spectacle in a not so big arena, all put up in a very creative manner. And you also get to pick those cute little camera souvenirs back home after visiting this place! :-)

A CLICK at the right TICK!
It’s always such a treasure...!!
A TICK captured by the right CLICK!
It’s forever such a pleasure...!!

Click is to camera &
Tick is to moment!
When camera is to pen &
The pic is to drawing your moment!!

You wait for the perfect &
You click at that tick.
You wish to see it,
You wish to have it.

And here…This is ‘your pic’!!!
“Celebrate clicking and being clicked!!!”

Kudos to those brain(s) who led to the introduction of cameras to this world!!!

- Ahi (an amateur photographer)
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