Sunday, January 17, 2010

SECRET - "My LOVE" !!!

I could never tell you, you could never know...

How deeply I wished for you, my LOVE I could never show...

I praised you during the day, and admired you still at night...

These eyes looked only at you, but now you're nowhere insight...

Deep inside in the deepest part, my heart lay still,I can feel...
Never did you give me a glance, but my LOVE is faithful still...
If not you the sky knows, the heart is unable to speak but cries... Buried are all the sorrows down, without any dream in eyes...

Though I can never say... Someday the sky will surely tell, and the ocean will someday scream, how I pass my days in hell!!

SECRET was the LOVE, as a secret, it shall forever
remain loving you. Nothing could the poor heart do but weep.

So I write and so I go...
Bearing in my heart a wave, with all my LOVE just for YOU..
Silently I head towards my grave.

-Ahi :)


  1. better to have loved and lost, than not loved at all :) nicely written.

  2. Hehehe well well, wonder how deep they(read 'my thoughts') actually are..;)

  3. Glad to hear this from ya Himansh! Not many would actually say that.Also, thanks a bunch!! :)))

  4. yeh poem tune likhi hai.. maanana padega..its awesome !!

  5. Well you got it ryt chora..Glad that u liked it!! Thanks a lot for those words!!:D

  6. Heya Vinu..Thanks a bunch sweets!! :)

  7. Hey Ahi.. u wrote this poem when u were in school?? I rememba reading this =) how nice. not bad i could recollect :D


  8. i dint know u were such amazing thoughts!! :) is truly touching! This is dedicated to all lovers.. :)

  9. Juhi - Yeah Ju! BINGO!! U got tat absolutely ryt :D Well well I must say, u got a goooood memory! :P

  10. Ash - Woooow! Thanks a million Ash! M elated to know tat this poem has moved ya! Wooow! :D Ta really feels gud :)

  11. Chori just awesome...The last stanza is just time when we meet u got to recite this...wanna listen it from you...

  12. Shaan - Wow! Feels great to hear this from ya. :D I surely will recite chora..Anytime!! :)))

  13. Very beautiful Ahila!!! Keep up the great writing. I wish you the love u write of....

  14. @Anonymous: Thanks! :) Wish you had dropped your name.

    @Rekh: Thank you so much sweets!! :)

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