Friday, December 17, 2010

Nature – The Mother of all…!

There have been a lot of great people who have spoken about Nature from time and again, yet, here I am speaking about Her in my own way…

‘NATURE’ - This undoubtedly is one of the most comforting words I have known ever since I started learning this lovely language called English…Learning curve that is still in progress... :)

I don’t wish to be a bud, really,
For I know I can never do justice to the innocence they are bundled with.
I would however wish I could have the time in life, to witness their growth so heavenly,
The peace I seldom get, I could be bestowed with.

I don’t wish to be a flower, yes I say this,
For I know I can never do justice to the intense beauty it possesses.
I would however wish I always have in sight, their bliss,
For all the color and the soothe they provide my senses.

I don’t wish to be a sapling,
For I know I can never do justice to the purity it possesses all through its journey of life,
I would however wish I have enough space around,
To keep planting and see them grow profound.

I don’t wish to be a tree, strangely yes,
For I know I can never do justice to its altruistic quality of GIVING till its survival.
I would however, always wish to be in its mighty shade and security,
Wish its love and comfort unmatched; be conferred on me unasked and forever.

I don’t wish to be a fruit, neither do I wish to be a veggie,
I don’t wish to be a leaf nor a branch bearing them all.
For I can never do justice to either, however hard I try,
For the intrinsic worth of theirs is Supreme of all.

I don’t wish to be a mountain, neither finer sand particle,
For I can never live up to their serenity and the value they add to manhood,
I don’t wish to be WATER, the visible oxygen of our lives, I can’t be…
For it is Infinitely Precious with a worth impossible to attain.

I can’t wish to be sky, the limitless cover up above the world,
Neither can I wish to be the clouds giving us the ever required environmental shower.
Not the sun shine that brings life to our existence, Nor air that makes us exist,
Atmosphere being the face of Mother Nature…How can I even come close?

Mother Nature, the biggest asset this universe has in its make,
The reason Earth is having a living, a soul in it,
The reason behind our presence, reason behind every breath we take,
The biggest asset known, yet disregarded in a big way by mankind isn’t it…?!!!

Taking care of Her is certainly our real future! Think about it and take some time out for making the real future, in addition to your near future! I promise I shall do my bit.

- Ahi (a child of Mother Nature)


  1. Being the fst reader I feel it is one of the most effusive as well as naive way to show ur love to caprice nature.
    I belive u shuld be ALICE(princess)in wonderland who gets everyting she yearns for.
    may mother nature fill ur dream.............

  2. Well said, Ahi!! This is probably the thing that crosses most of our minds but we just let it all go in the rush that we call life! Am so glad you actually took the time out to express all this ....great presentation....makes one actually feel everything that you have on your mind...Beautiful!!

  3. Were the photos your work too?? :)

  4. @Prateek urf Aryan: Thanks a ton ya!! :) You somehow manage getting chances to call me ALICE/princess, ain't it?! :P Anyway, fun aside, I really hope m always blessed by Her presence in my life, forever. AMEN!

    @Ranju: Heya sweets, I am so glad you felt it exact! Thanks a million! :)
    Nope, only the last one is my work sugar, the rest are my bro's. :P

  5. hey Ahi ... i like the way you compared the nature with our lives .. miles to go Ahi ... just keep doing it because it shows the REAL YOU

  6. Woww!! Convey my compliments to your bro too!! Simply superb pics! :) Awesome sis,like bro eh!! ;)

  7. @Vik: WOW!! So you get the real me huh?! Just kidding, thanks for all those words ya! :-)

    @Ranju: I shall sweets!! Hehehe well, nah not really! We are like poles apart. ;)

  8. Thank you kurvi for advertising my simple photos through your highly complex (read thinking), but well composed poem. Some lines just went above my head :-) Looks like you are one more Wordsworth (female) in the making...decades later they will teach your poems in school and kids will cry their way to exam :-D

  9. @Bro: Too much!! Where's Sir William Wordsworth and where am i!!! Oh my good lord! :O However, taking it as a compliment anyway, here i say a big THANK YOU! :)

  10. Its hard to compliment the words as most were beyond my reach...but ya the feelings expressed in those words were really pure and serene :) Great work Ahi :)

  11. @Saurav: Wish you had got it all...:( But happy that you got the feel, thanks ya! :)

  12. keya hai tu yeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...shayer bhi hai,poet bhi hai,engineer bhi hai aur writer bhi hai....I proud that u r my frd...

  13. @Sudipta: And m sooper glad you're my friend sweets! :)

  14. ahi all i can say is START PUBLISHING UR WORKS :) let the whole world read it and feel depth of ur writings.... btw the description with the pics is just awesome.... great work by all photographers and the poetess:)

  15. Thanks a bunch Hemanth! About publishin' my works, hmmmm lets see :)


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