Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary

Life isn’t always about meeting people...Sometimes we gather more joy in meeting some other creatures. Don’t we? Well here, it wasn’t really about meeting them but surely was about getting to see them, the excitement not ramping down as even this was a rare enough thing in our lives. ‘Them’ meaning animals we don’t normally get to see in our daily lives.

To get to visit a wildlife sanctuary was like a dream I’ve had ever since…

Wildlife sanctuaries do to me, what no zoo in this world can...It is a home for these lovely creatures!!! A home which is its own; A home which means its freedom. What more could we(read mankind) gift an animal than giving it a HOME! A home it desires for...


On our way, one of my friends noticed a herd of elephants far away from where we were. Actually, so far away that for a while I kept wondering how could somebody notice something this far! All credit to his concentration and his sharp sightedness…! Here came a well deserved pit stop.

We moved towards Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary as happy and excited as Larry! We reached and stood in queue for getting the tickets for a ride in the jungle. I heard people say “You hardly get to see a very few animals here. Don’t be greatly excited as you’ll soon realize what’s in store”. Somewhere, deep within, I knew I am going to have fun and somehow didn’t wish to believe all that I heard...

The expedition begun. My excitement soon got converted to concentration which then saw a ramp down in the excitement... We were hardly spotting any rare animal. All we could see were trees and rocks. Suddenly we would get to see a monkey, elephants, bisons or a mob of deer here and there. It was fun but wasn’t that level of excitement and beauty we had in mind. I surely wished to have a lot more in my kitty this day. Could I even remotely have been satisfied with this? This wasn’t it! It surely wasn’t…

In the meanwhile, with an attempt not to lose the smile from our faces, we unanimously started the betting game. Right side versus left side… We started counting the variety of animals we spot and a +1 went to the side it was on. Clearly it had to be on either side as we were on the muddy track and the animals would surely not sport there. This was fun and it got our spirits back!

Well, don’t get it wrong, the thirst to explore the great hadn’t suppressed, HOPE had set in.

The beauty of deer was pleasing to the soul; they were so calm and gentle...Happy in their simplicity, amazingly at peace!

Epitome of beauty! Our eyes were now caught by the National Bird of India…Peacock was the call!!!

The animals were all hiding...It was like they didn’t have the charm of seeing us (read humans) as I had to see them...This is where we have lost in acknowledging the selfless kindness bestowed on us by Mother Nature.

I tried to pacify myself for having got to see atleast these few. We head our way back, still with the HOPE in us, alive...

On our way down the hill, we saw a few deer right in front of our eyes, just about a couple of metres away from our vehicle. It was lovely to see them so close to us…They were grazing away to glory, barely realizing that we had stopped our vehicle to have a better look at them.
I loved the tranquility in them...! I absolutely loved the moment...!!!

In their beauty and composure, I was lost. Suddenly I heard one yelp and all of them started running away. I was startled! I just couldn’t bear it. Their cry was deafening...

Deer Chase1
In a flash, our eyes fell on a leopard chasing a deer...I couldn’t believe I just saw that. The leopard looked ferocious! I felt miserable for the deer and my friends felt amazing to have gotten the golden chance to witness a leopard. Well, I totally agree to them as well. This was a platinum witness indeed!!
The capture was all kudos to Hemanth, my friend, for his absolute alertness!

The leopard lost its prey...It was because our vehicle was on the road and the deer ran the other side. The leopard went back into the bushes and looked at us. That look, I just can’t forget. I am sure, none of us can…It looked like it groaned only to say, “You ruined it all”

Martin Buber has so rightly said:
"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language"

Wildlife Sanctuary – Truly a Nature Lover’s paradise. Wish to get many more chances to be a part of such an ambience.
A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite.
- Leo Tolstoy

-Ahi (a lover of Nature)


  1. lovely write up ahi.... u have just described it so wonderfully :) just by reading we can visualize everything.... keep up the great work ahi and eagerly waiting to read ur next work :) :) :)

  2. @Hemanth: As always...Thank you!!! :)

  3. good one .... felt like i had a wild life safary sitting at home :)

  4. Heya Tony, that's one helluva compliment! Thanks boy! :)

  5. Mar javan us monkey aur peacock k pic par , By god mast tha............
    kya kahun tumhari tarif me
    Ab shabd bhi nikalte hai soch soch k

    awesm piece of work and writing keep goin

  6. pics were great.especially the last one. and no need to commen on ur writings. simply great as usual:)

  7. You're right Bhu. In fact it was the best sight as well :) And yes, thank you so much for those lovely words!!

  8. Your blogging skills continue to impress me.. amazing !! Nice pics + nice content too...

  9. i forgot to ask.. why leopard didnt approach u guys when he didnt get the deer ? :P

  10. Kudos Ahi...great writeup!! Waise in the end the leopard was checking why the deer(Ahi) was sitting in the car..lol :P

  11. @Arvind: Hey thanks a ton ya! :)
    n hello what a sadist u're turning into?!! :O Thank God it didn't!! I have no clue what we poor souls would have done otherwise...:P

    @Saurav: Thanks a million! :D N about me being the deer in the car, VERY FUNNY!! :P

  12. awsum Ahi ...readin ur description made me visualize everything ....its wonderful to b wd nature n its being ....Wis i cud hv been thr too wd u guys ....kip writin ..m anxiously waitin fr ur next piece of art ..

  13. @Gattie: Hey Gattie, thanks a ton!! I am glad my writing could make you feel this way :)

  14. Marvellous Ahi!! Seriously made me feel as if I was going on the ride with you people....awesome pics to accompany too!! Especially that leopard chasing the deer....too good! It's thanks to you that am getting to see all this! Else it's next to impossible for me to visit all these places...:P Thanks a ton for the free trip!! :)

  15. @Ranju: Woooo! That were real big words there! M glad you got that tour then :) Thanks for all those words babe! :)

  16. Hey Ahi very nice. i just started reading your blogs. Enjoying every part of it. its like u saying every individuals "Dil ki baat", who-ever witnessed !!

  17. Heyaa Sandy, glad you feel so! :)


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