Sunday, February 14, 2010

Journey to Gladiator Season II Finale – Fashion Show!!!

    It was a very usual day at office. Done with the first half of the monotony of my life (read ‘day @ work’), I was heading towards the second half of the monotony (read ‘cook+eat+sleep’)…When on my way, I got a pretty ‘not so comforting’ call…!

    It was a call from one of my colleagues. Nothing for me to really worry about but on having attended the call, my brows remained raised for a few seconds, out of an alarming fact that I was asked to be a part of one of the Fashion Show teams participating in the Gladiator Season II Preliminaries!!! This was news out of nowhere. Gosh!! Fashion Show and ME…!! I remained perplexed for a bit. I couldn’t really be affirmative about this sudden bang, considering the fact that I had never walked the ramp and also sensed that I would be the only outsider (as in out of their technical team) there. To be more precise, I might not know anybody there and this was really not consoling enough. Though it would have been no big a deal otherwise, at that instant it seemed a problem king-size.

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