Saturday, July 6, 2019

Don't be sad, be strong for you're special!

Dark grey clouds I see around,
Fear and anguish I feel within.
'She' silently shows me the silver lining far beyond,
Like She's asking me to keep walking...
For the absolute brightness in store ahead can be lived,
Only if I pass through the darkness around.

Lost in the hurt, strangled in the fall,
I am reliving the words, the moments not so right.
Unable to accept the happening, allowing the thoughts to linger,
Holding on to it and unknowingly crushing my soul.
'She' patiently observes my agony and reminds me of the strength a huge mango tree adorned with mangoes galore, has...
Subjected with hardships more often it is, 
Than loved for it's greatness, to relish its goodness!

Real strength is when you stand tall and strong,
Staying as beautiful and selfless as you are, untouched by the dirt!

'She' says you are born to shine and to give light to the people around.
Reflecting all the goodness you get from all.
Let go of the dark energy as they know not the worth of this sheen,
Continue walking the path of your blessing for you're the chosen beam...

Like they say "The dog is barking at the sun"...
You know what you wanna be like here, 'She' exclaims.. :)

To all the chosen ones out there! Stay forever strong and keep doing good!!
- Ahi (Just 'Her' child)


  1. Very nicely penned! Keep continuing with your good job!

  2. She silently shows me the silver lining ar beyond.. my fav line.

    1. I love it too my girl!! Imagine I felt it while writing this. Such a blessing that feeling was you know..❤️😇

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks yaaa!!!🤩 Wish you had dropped your name :(

  4. Very well written .waiting to read more from this brilliant talent

    1. Oiiiiii shukriyaaa my dear!!!😊🤩😊 No brilliant talent and all yaa, kuch bhiii 🤷

  5. Wowwww I love the way u penned it.. I so love the line ' real strength is when u stand tall and strong. ' such a beauty! God has gifted u with some amazing talents, my girl. Keep it. Up! So proud of u!

    1. Wow!!! 🥰❤️🤗 Thank you gundoos!! These lines are indeed very special to me!

  6. Simply awesome ... Feels as if my old Ahi back with new creativity.
    Deeply admire your work.
    Keep going.


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