Saturday, April 17, 2010

Adventure: The Pursuit of Life…

A fact of Life: The  man  who  engages  in  the  most  adventures  is  surest  to  come  out  unhurt

          "We have plenty of courage, I am sure; All we need is the confidence in ourselves. There is no living thing that is not afraid when it faces danger. The true courage is in facing danger when you are afraid, and that kind of courage we have in plenty."

          Well if you’re wondering what this editorial is all about...It surely isn’t one close to Nature but yes, it’s a very well Advertised Venture. Not just well advertised, a very well-implemented one as well. Here is this write-up elucidating my trip to the Wild Tribe Ranch at Ponneri. It is about an hour’s drive from Chennai. 

Once we reached Ponneri, we could see farms all around. It was a tribal village and the Wild Tribe Ranch gave employment to many villagers…This was something I gotta know from the Maitree folks. Remember the Maitree folks I had mentioned about in my previous editorial?!! We walked a lil’ and soon were in the Wild Ranch premises. There we go…The entrance to the Wicked (read Adventurous)!!! :))) It was, for sure, a long-awaited Adventure in my not-so-happening Life, which made me a little over-excited about the whole concept. ;)

          Unanimous was this thought…”It had to be Thrill Stocked-Up…!” Full-on energy, we made our way in. Entrance to the Rustic Tribal arena was made through a portico with beautifully thatched roof, giving it a rough look so apt. This craggy looking thatched ceiling had these pretty lamps hanging on them…They were beautifully done! Simple stuff but they complemented the thatch really well. Guess that’s what was so striking about them…! To me, they looked like Antiquated Chandeliers!!

          We were then taken on a quick tour to the so called Ranch of Adventure Sports…On having got a glimpse of all the events and having decided on how to get Sporty, we were to hit a Start. But to be really true, by then we had lost the gush of excitement in us. Nothing there stimulated us anymore…Our imagination fell way short of what our eyes got to see. Alas! We were hovered by the air of Melancholy. :(

Well friends, this was just the preface. The Story is yet to Begin…

Sport #1: Tribal Path

          This was an army-style obstacle course!
          Each of our courses was being meticulously timed by the local tribes.

          Most of it looked simple…I was possibly just wondering how the competition would be..! :O

          To start with, were the spiral rods which we were to climb…Leading us to a netted channel through simple flight of steps.

          On the netted corridor, walking (read making an effort to run) on a single rope webbed in between the mesh was the next bit.

          The time was now to do a clean rope-walk…Making way for some decently good arm stretching exercise!! :) Here again, I was trying my level best to walk through as soon as possible…Knowing how time consuming the tasks were, that I had to face my  way ahead.

          Right after that was a 45 degrees’ meshed mounting. The base being net, the only support being the base..!

          Leading to a yet another netted walkway…This was an absolutely meshed highway…Surrounded by mesh on all the 3 sides!!

          There I go, down another flight of stairs to perform the Balancing Act on a slender long belt. There was a fine red line marked on the belt…This was the mantra to maintain the perfect balance…Walk on this red thread and off you go, all safe. This bit was really funny as we did have a few crashes here. :D

          Once this got done, we had to sprint taking a zigzag motion directed by the tyres placed on ground. Finally, our feet gotta touch the ground! Phew!!!

It wasn’t an army-like obstacle course but an army-style obstacle course for sure..!!

Sport #2: Trampoline Jump

          Research has led some scientists to conclude that jumping on a trampoline is possibly the most effective exercise yet devised by man, especially because of the effect rebounding has on the lymph in the body.

          Well, the deal with me was to have FUN and rebounding is always fun…When I was a kid, I would so naturally enjoy jumping on my bed.

          We were asked to first check our weight. Only those falling in the range 20-80 kgs were allowed. However, a buffer of +/- 5 was provided…A +5 was surely required for a couple of them in our gang. :P

          I saw a few do and realized it’s a lot more fun than it seemed otherwise…!

          I was all geared up to hit this kinda well-equipped jump for the first time in life…I had a helmet on and a body harness that was connected to two set of ropes on either side.

          There I was, all set to entwine to the music of the TRAMPOLINE…:D

          My body was in a state of weightlessness at the top of the bounce. I felt like I was jumping (read dancin') to the melody (read wild music) of Trampoline!!!

          I could hear everybody asking for a summer salt display but I always knew I couldn’t have done that there. Not my cup of tea for sure. :) But, the beauty is I was still giving it a try…Not quite successful though.

          I was swinging the wild wild swing to the Trampoline Tune…

          I could feel the breeze…Breeze gushing against me. Amazingly pleasurable it was..! The jump, the dance, whatever you call it; made me feel I was flying. This is possibly one of those wishes I have always had deep within me.
          Thought of the moment: “Wooow!! I can FLY..!!!

          Even when the sun was scorching, once I was there flying, there was this kinda wild chillness all around…! Believe it!!!

          I so totally loved it..! The only possible disturbance was the helmet which was loose for me…Kept coming onto my lil’ face. :( It actually came off when the trampoline time was up and I got down.

P.S.: Got lucky here…I got another chance to do it. Now, that meant I could feel the pleasure of flying all over again. This trump made me feel ecstatic!!!

Sport #3: Bull Ride

          We had all assembled near the bull. Not much of thought going this bull's way as this bit seemed to be a pretty simple one. This ride was being timed as well.

          We had all become kids and were ready to challenge all; including the BULL. :P

          Here again, I was observing others when they were riding the bull. It was enormously enjoyable!! :)))

          I had taken up the challenge that the bull is gonna be good to me…Well, atleast better than how it was to a few others who wanted to see me fall, way before they did. :P Having taken up this challenge, I made myself firm on the hot seat (read hot in the wild sense)…

          It was pretty cold initially. It gave a slow, grumpy start…I was glad as I was all comfortably seated. :)  

          In no time, it had started trembling with speed. Gosh! It was getting tougher and tougher to maintain the grip. But, I wouldn’t give up this early…

          Held on to the bull even harder, but the bull had something else in mind…It wasn’t there looking for a friend for sure. We both were having a fun battle…I still remember, I was laughing out loud, all the while. My mind and hands were desperately at work though.

          Finally I fell, off the bull I went…Thwack! That was a hard blow…

          Auchh..! That hurt. The bull was way too strong than the poor me!! :(

However, it was wickedly fun beyond doubts..!!! :D

Sport #4: ATV

          After all the fun, we were served lunch by the local folks. Lunch was decent enough. I must say! :)

          Now was the time for a yet another ride. Well, it’s no animal this time; it’s the All Terrain Vehicle. :P

          After our lunch we darted towards the ATV arena. All the while, we had our eyes cast on the blue ATV that was not on the track. This was the biggest ATV out of the lot..! It looked the coolest as well..!! We wished this was on the track and we could have a ride king-size. Nevertheless, that couldn’t have happened as it wasn’t working. :(  However, a few souls still couldn’t refrain from taking turns and having the pleasure of feeling the throne of this ATV. I was undoubtedly one of those happy souls!! :D

          After a backdrop of good fun, it was now the time to feel the sport. There was a banner which listed the ATV rules & regulations. There was another one which described the correct way to ride an ATV. Well, there were information galore but we surely had no time (read mood) to go through all these. :P We were all ready to hit the venture.

          When I started the ride, I was too careful. In less than a lap, I was more than comfortable. I was enjoying the ride from the very first second. I gotta confess, I never was aware that riding on a twisty-twirly track could be this exciting..!

Awesome was this bit! I so totally loved to be an ATV rider!!! :)

Sport #5: Paintball

          They say, u get good things late...They’re quite Precise. Way to Paintball…

          For those who aren’t aware, Paintball is a game, in which players compete, in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by hitting them with capsules containing paint (referred to as a paintball) from a special gun called a paintball marker.

          This was what we saw on the way to its entrance…This was Hilarious!! I understand their plight though…You too will when you read further/play the sport (whichever you wish to do first :P)

          The game field was scattered with bunkers, so well placed that it almost looked like a small war field. Artificially done, but really apt to get the feel of the fight!!! We were given a protective jacket and a mask.
It is undoubtedly an extreme outdoor game; could be indoor as well.

           Here’s the Chamber of Pressure & Power..!! ;)))) These were the high power guns we'd used. Let me tell you, these guns are highly powerful and can get really risky. A complete no no when you’re target is very close to you. It could cause adverse injury. We, the players, were the owners of those high-power guns. Now you get why the referees gotta beware of us?!!!

          We were split into 4 teams. It was to be a strategic play. We had to capture the rival’s flag. The game was all about eliminating the enemies, defending or attacking a particular point or area in such a way, that you still don’t run out of your lives (read your paintballs).

          We were there to Paint them all n win the Art!!! :))) This was a game where I actually felt adventure in my mind.

          It was a worthwhile experience indeed…Very military type...The respect I have for all the soldiers in this world increased all the more as I couldn’t even imagine how they managed at the war front. In such a small field, we struggled to shoot 5 people and win the battle…Still wondering how they manage thousands and millions of enemies spotting on them with real bullets…

However, getting back to our sport…It was a Game of MIND & AIM with the POWER in hand..!! :))

Sport #6: Monkey Walk

          Did I hear Monkey?!! Well, that was my first reaction…:P  

          I had a blast cheering others up and of course, not missing a single opportunity to laugh out loud. The monkey acts weren’t very tough but neither were they any simple for sure. We had a few crashes here as well. ;)

          Ah, it was my turn now. All set to entertain others (read ‘to be the stock of entertainment for others’)…All set to take up the next challenge..The MONKEY WALK!!

          To start with, were the rolling rods. The minute you keep your leg on it, they would roll & hinder your walk…Mind you, we had the MONKEYIN' being timed, so had to rush with the balance maintained, in order to win… :P

          Hoppin' & poppin' all around, I reached a ropeway. Ropes were the only support here…Walking the Crude Ropeway was no big a task.

          It now led to a thick rod. Rod was all I could find there. Had to somehow walk through…The Balancing Act felt amazing! Whoa!!

          Well, the actual MONKEY Business starts now…Moving on the rolling drums holding onto the ropes…This was freaky! Trust it me it was no simple..!

          Once this got done, I had to jump from one drum to another with the help of the ropes hanging. Drums were at a real good distance…Got reminded of the Tarzan act when I held on to the rope and went to take a leap… Yippee, I made it..!!! Gosh! This was a sooper Wide Jump…Guys, it’s WIDE this time and not WILD…:D

I had done this entire stunt in a pretty decent time I guess. Became Miss Monkey…! ;)

Sport #7: Dare Devil Ramp

          Here comes, yet another army-style obstacle course…They called it the Dare Devil ramp..!

          We were a small chunk trying out this sport. So my turn came up pretty soon. :))) All happy, I put on my gloves and my helmet…Got all geared up to venture this ramp. Do you see something colorfully cute behind us?!! That’s the BOUNCING CASTLE for the kidos…

          Oh! I gotta mention this…2 folks could join in the Dare Devil Ramp at the same time; so there we were, Chris and I were going together. Meaning, sir was gonna compete with me. :P

          Off we went, making way thru the clusters of tyres…Reminded me of my good ol’ days…Reminded me of those varied sprints I always would proudly be a part of.

          Climbing our way up the natural hierarchy, I mean the ladder; I could see Chris in the rear. :D I had now made it to the wooden platform and was time to grasp the quick instructions given by the instructors, on how to get down.

          My competitor had made it real close now. “Faster Ahi, faster…” I could hear my mind say this to me. ;)

          It was quite a painful task to get down... Our poor lil' toes providing the clutch & our hands controlling the downward motion…Even this short descending pathway, imparted a good level of strain to our bodies. On our way down, Chris overtook me! :(

Short was this course, but no sweet…!!! It was a quest to test our strength and stamina…If not every part of our body, atleast a complete toe exercise! :)

Sport #8: Swimming Pool v/s Microphotography

          The last sport…It was the Cool Waters as they call it! Remember I had said we didn’t have many to try their hands on the Devil Ramp…It was so as they were off to get all soaked up. :)

          I wasn’t a part of this challenge you see. Not my Cup of Tea for sure!!

         The Swimming Pool, as we call it…Was Clean but water wasn’t really Cold. However, it was Beautifully Blue beyond doubts!!! It was good to hang around for a while but our souls were looking for something else.

          Guess my soul had got what it wished to seek. Microphotography was the call…

          It just so happened that Himansh (yet another adventurer), was totally into this precise piece of photography and with me around, considering my negligible knowledge on Micro (µ) photography, he ought to get disturbed.

          Well, that came about as a complete good luck for me as I got some great tits and bits about this amazingly beautiful section of photography which I wasn’t otherwise much aware of.

Learnt the art of focusing and that of blurring…!!! This is surely something I would always carry along. :)


          This journey was surely not as it seemed to be from far. Well, like they say; "Looks deceive!!!"

          The compound formed out of the elements ‘Adventure’ and ‘Fun’ was this ‘Ranch’ for sure. :)

          My stars seemed to be shining bright on me that evening. As a top up to this wonderful escapade, I was awarded the title "Miss Wild Tribe Ranch" !! This was a complete surprise and a highly pleasant one undoubtedly…!

“Adventurer’ – one who goes out to meet whatever may come. Well, that is what we all do in the world, one way or another . . .”

Here's the album of the entire venture!!! Have a look for yourself. :)
Wild Tribe Ranch!!


  1. Awesome pictures! Looks like you had a bangup time!

  2. Gr8 pics.. Saw these only on Roadies..
    It seems you really had adventurous activities..

  3. nice chori.. nice pic.. RBS is one of my accounts :P nxt stop MTV rodies 8 :D

  4. Adventure-the pursuit of life....
    I couldnt have put it better. And what an adventure it was! I really enjoyed reliving the trip and all the moments.

    Thanks for mentioning my awesome photography skills and putting up the pics :)

  5. heyy... luks like u had an amazing time... m sooo J!! very nicely written n gr8 pics as well... ladki--tu mast lag rai hai!!!

  6. Bro - Thanks a lot bro!! Well I did have an absolute bang!! :D

    Pratik - Thanks a bunch ya!! :) Well ya it was indeed very adventurous!!! But, roadies is too tough n all ya, this ain't that hard for sure.

  7. Vinay - Hehehehe thanks a lot chora! ;) Well, that's lovely to hear..It would be great steps to success for sure :P

    Himansh - Heyaaa woooow!! It is gr8 to hear that. Thanks a lot for those words!! :D

    Well, your photography so totally deserved a mention boy! In fact you're pics have made my blog so beautiful!! Thanks for that! :))

    Anonymous - Thank you so so much for all those words :) but it would surely have gotten all the more better if I knew who these words were from. :(

  8. heya ahi..... awesome pics and how much u enjoyed :) u making me jealous now :( the pics r brilliant ahi.... u can seriously make an awesome photographer and of course the host of next roadies :):)

  9. Hemanth - Thanks a lottttt ya!! :D Its amazing to hear that you loved it all so much!! Hehehe yea ryt, host of next roadies...Thoda too much nahi hai :P

  10. Can make out how much you enjoyed from ur words and ur expressions in the pics :)
    Amazing photography...jisne bhi ki :) and a great writeup to follow it up and make it a complete experience for us too.

  11. is that an hour away from Chennai??? what was i doing in Chennai for 22years... without knowing this... and baby u are too cool... wow... i dont believe that was u... aahii...

  12. This is a good place.. if u go out with friends.. probably it is really one of the most rocking places around..
    well.. this makes me remember my experience where I did some horse riding on mountains.. it was also a ranch like the way you mentioned above..
    btw, your comment "helmet was loose on my little head" .. was little too much :P

  13. Pinchu - It is always so lovely to get such words. Feel elated when i get to know you like the words. That really counts most to me for sure. :D Thanks ya!!!

    Gifta - Hey sweets! First of all, thanks a bunch to take some time off ur schedule to go thru this editorial of mine. ;) And yes babes, that's very me but i wonder y are u, of all the people, findin it tough to believe that its me :(:P Thank youuuuuuuuuu for all ur words ya!! :D

  14. Arvind - Heyaa, about my comment which you have spoken about..lemme tell u, its absolutely true! All the helmets i got were big for my head. So it kinda makes sense if i say its my lil' head, isn't it?!! :P

  15. too good .... i feel J...will try this sometime for sure ..!! get me the contact no for this group if u have it :)

  16. Tony - Hehehe I can't believe I made an adventure freak like you feel 'J'!!! :P Thanks for your words boy!! :D I might have their contact. In case I don't, I could still get it for ya. :)

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