Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Blooming Bud…!

A lil’ kid came into this world,
Twinkle of her mom’s eye,
Pride of her dad’s life untold,
Baby doll “he” had got, “her brother” who could now fly…


She loved her cradle - her mom’s lap, and her mom’s arms were fur,
She would feel so secure like the entire universe hugging her.
Every lullaby that her mom sang with that charming delight,
Had in its melody, all the energy sailing her to a sparkling lil’ world each night.


She was small, but a mall of dynamism she was,
So delicate, so vulnerable, so pure that the grown up eyes saw in her, a world with no flaws.
She was born in the South of India and moved to the North,
Her smile & beauty, made a news mammoth…


She loved her home, enjoyed in her colony so huge,
She loved her school, her favorite genial refuge.
Soon became the apple of all her teachers’ eyes,
Made her friends proud and got a few glances of innocent jealousy around with sighs…


Her dad taught her cycling when she was just 4 years of age,
Her brother played around with her, teaching her the new games he learnt at every stage.
Teachers taught her how to write the alphabets and mom gave her the artistic hand-writing for each,
Teachers taught her English, mom taught her pronunciation and expressions of speech…


Her mom got her trained in dance and fine arts to go artistic,
Teachers loved her voice, so trained her in Indian & Western music.
She couldn’t keep the training go for long,
But it was certainly enough for her to realize these gifts in her were strong… 


She got busy with her growing books proportional to strain,
The weight of which was heavier on the shoulders than the brain.
However, she was showered with opportunities in school and her locality,
Which she absolutely used to grow her abilities… 


She loved taking part in extempore and elocutions,
She would never give up in the debate competitions,
She would be a keen listener to be a smart challenger and a great speaker at the JAM panel,
Even if she had no argumentative points, she always had sentences ready for every channel…


She made a mark in her age groups in both slow and fast cycling,
She had grown as an athlete and was into all the possible sports pertaining to her liking,
She would give dance performances choreographed by her and her group,
She would sing her heart out on stage, with the school orchestra troop…


Her next love was Mathematics,
Which she very well coupled with the radio singing retro picks.
Whatever were her abilities, she was recognized for all,
The credit definitely goes to her mom, dad, brother and her teachers for their call…


She would participate not just for her happiness and gay,
When she got home with her praises & prizes, she would make her mom’s day.
These lil’ things made her life a fair,
Absolutely innocent and beaming with flair…!!!

Could her life not always been fair-like swift?
With so much in her, was she able to do justice to any of her gifts??
Did she not go with the crowd, living the life a very normal way?
Do we all grow up to face extreme changes and let the challenges crunch our wishes in the path of growth, the usual way??

- A tribute to my mom

Ahila :)


  1. what is a poem Ahi ? there are only 3 poems in this world .... Mother , our within and This moment ... when our heart is so pure filled with unconditional love , our words become stronger ... when do our words become stronger ? when we are simple and when do we become simple ? when we EXPRESS OUR TRUE WITHIN and one who expresses his/her true within they become divine so they become SIMPLE again .... hatss off for the lovely gift you have got and never ever stop ....

    with love , hugs , hope and regards

    Vikarnan Ashokan

  2. @Vikarnan - Whoa!! I am speechless boy..All i can say is a million thanks!!! :)

    P.S.- By the way beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!!

  3. thank you AHICAKE ... i agree the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and when someone cant acknowledge the beauty of Mother , Father or Childhood they don't deserve a life .... so i agree , perception matters !!!

  4. @Vik - :) That's a phase of life everybody will surely respect, m sure..Coz thats like the most innocent of all!! :)

  5. I dont have words to describe the beauty and emotions in your words..keep writing..never let go of this talent

  6. Baby lovely :) :) very proud of u ahi! :)

  7. Hey I am really touched.... Its really superb

  8. i am speechless Ahi..all i can say is emotions are soo easy to express but soo hard to capture but you manage to do that too with ease...

    p.s: u looked like a rock star wen u were a kid :)

  9. @Pinchu - I shall. Thanks a lot ya!! :)

    @Divie - Thanks a bunch sweets!! It really feels great to hear this. :))

  10. @Manisha - I am glad my words made you feel this way..Thanks a lot yaa!! :)

    @Himansh - Did this make Himansh go speechless?!! Man! Hard to believe but feels great to know that these simple words could do this..
    Your words really mean a lot!

    Hahahaha Ahi-kid rockstar huh?! so sweet..:D ;)

  11. its also a reply to somethin u told me today. u stil belong to this world , jus like every other bud which blooms to prosperity only for a beautiful tomorow :) . i loved this poem .. :)

  12. its also a reply to somethin u told me today. u stil belong to this world , jus like every other bud which blooms to prosperity only for a beautiful tomorow :) . i loved this poem .. :)
    From Kalpesh :)

  13. superb ..this is ur best til date :) very touching :)

  14. @Kalpesh - Hehehe Thanks a bunch boy!! :)

    @Tony - I am glad you said this as well!! Guess this by far, is my best work till now...May be coz its really close to my heart! :)))

  15. Ahi this is really amazing.... its so touching... the emotions have been brought out beautifully.... this is like the best work of urs till date... u have compiled it beautifully also :)multi talented, kutti padmini, kutti jackson i can keep flooding u with titles and u have a Shakespeare in u, bring it out and let the world know of ur arrival :):)

  16. @Hemanth: Heyaa glad to hear this. Thanks a lot yaa! :) N don't speak abt me in the lines of Shakespeare..He is a legend! M a dust in front of him yaa..:) But m happy u liked my work! :)))

  17. great work Ahi .....really proud of u...u r gifted wd solid power of expression suggestion i wud like to give ......plz exploit ur gift to the most n alwz ....

  18. This post surely struck a chord. Love it!

    Life surely changes us all on the surface. But what our childhood experiences gave us, is what will form the core of our personality. These gifts manifest themselves in different ways without us even realizing and become a part of our daily life.

    Never let the child within you fade! :)

    - Ranju

  19. "halla gadi"-we fondly used to call u..u still are a mall of dynamism Ahi..n bulls eye, the credit does indeed go to ur mom,dad,bro n ur teachers..i remember her, she taught us a great card trick. She always encouraged you to dance, n my..wat dance performances we gave in the colony..isnt that poonam in the second last pic?? .........wat abt the pic above dat?? the girl in the yellow suit luks familiar..u n mangesh bhaiya r lukin v cute..we (mausis included)loved the poem precious n remember,u r n always will b a blooming kali for us.

  20. @Gayatri: Thank u so sooo much sweets! I shall as much as possible dearie! :)

    @Ranju: Yes babe, you're right. Glad you loved it! :D Will try and never let it fade, sure thing! :)

    @Jayshu: Hehe and i certainly love hearing all those names you guys have ever given me...Always gonna stay real close to my heart. Thank you for all your lovely words baby! :)))
    And yes, amazin' were those dance performances of ours. A time I would love to relive! :)
    Special thanks to mausis too!! Love you! *HUGS*

    PS: Girl in the yellow suit is Neelu.

  21. Ahila... very beautifully expressed many emotions.. ur love, gratefulness, longing and many... keep this talent up and its a beautiful thing da :)

  22. @Narmadha: Thanks a TON honey! :)

  23. Truely Touching! Can relate to so many moments with one's own childhood!

    And you have a gift Girl! A beautiful one! Lovely way to express oneself! :)

  24. @Ranjitha: Thanks a bunch Sweets! I am glad you felt this way :)

  25. There is one thing I noted.. you have been like this from your birth... amazing.. there has been progress in many areas of your life, but the core part has always sticked around you...good to see that

  26. @Arvind: WOW!! :) Well, actually boy...Thank you!

  27. Hey Ahi very very nicely expressed and written. Expression is something which is your inborn character. Not all can be so. You are a wonderful child one would love to have and definitely your Mom was that. I wish you loads of happiness always. I am lucky to have you as my friend. I will cherish your friendship all through my life. With you things are as easy as talking to a mother. You are blessed child indeed. Keep writing and we will read!


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