Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rendezvous with the Sunrise…!!!

          It was my Date with Dawn at the Elliot’s beach in Chennai, which also happens to be my last day in Chennai.

          It was on the 30th of May, a Sunday morning. I left my house as early as about 4:35 am and was there at the Elliot’s beach in about 10 minutes…All thanks to my vehicle, as faithful as always (touchwood!!). :)

          It was dark when I reached. The moon shone bright on the other side. It looked small, yet sharp and clear with a brilliant dazzle that came in as the bliss of solitude and faded away the darkness around. 

          It made me feel at home…Like I was no wanderer…Like I was to be there.

I was then walking towards the beach. It was all dim but the weather was pleasant.

                     Birds were chirping persistently, eagerly waiting for sun to arise…So was I (eagerly waiting)!! :) Soon I spot a few tiny rays making the otherwise dull clouds, colorful.

          The sea was busy…as usual. The tides weren’t high but had a consistent display of energy if not power…! It gave a mighty back-drop and a mellifluous back-ground to witness the sunup. I couldn’t have asked for more.
          At that instant, my mind was at complete ease. Eyes were busily occupied in capturing every possible modulation provided by the Sun as it rose…
          The sky was vibrant now…Rich in the textures so well inscribed on it…! I do understand the science behind all this but still my heart thanks The Almighty for this kind of beauty!!! It was so amazingly gorgeous…!!!

          The sun rays started intensifying over a section and meticulously opening out. Does it remind you of something?!!! Well, isn’t it really close to the way we stretch our arms in a ‘V’ shape, before we get up?!! I loved every bit of this feeling; this imagination…Like the Sun was stretching itself to drive away the lethargy. :P
                    His head was visible now…A lot clearer. Lord Soorya was rising up…!

          The waves seemed to be living every split second of this phenomenon!!! I bet I could never have said if I were happier than the sea. Well, frankly speaking, I should have been as it was one very rare moments of my life…Having got a chance to witness this charismatic occurrence in such a location, making it so divinely delightful…!! However, the gigantic ocean which gets to witness it every morn, seemed no different.

          I am sure no creation can ever get bored of this spectacle! :)

          Mesmerizingly chinned-up, the Sun rose a little more, enthralling its effect all around…I found my chest going higher and my eyes looking into His eyes with utmost fascination…Was I hypnotized?!! Well, this beauty can make any tough soul go spellbound! Then, what was I?!!
          Its coverage was just getting bigger and better!!! :D

                     There He was…As soothingly bright as he could get. My senses were alleviated…Ah, ‘alleviation’ is not the word, it was something way beyond words can express…That feel is surely beyond my scope of expression. That moment gave me a sense of completion, like I was there for Him and He was there for me.

          The day had begun and all the fishermen got to work. They played with(read against) the tides and moved ahead…Kept sailing away from the shore(read towards the Sun) and there I was, standing at the same place looking into His eyes.

                      He gave me all the delight but not for long…Soon, He had grown massive and completely spread out, like he was greeting His kin (read the Universe) with a bright, warm hug…

          It is so well said:  We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness
          This is how that golden hour of mine came to a halt and I set back...It’s worth, being way beyond the value of 60 minutes of gold!!!
          Like they say…Nature always gives you way more than you ask for…I had come to just capture the Sunrise but Mother Nature gave me a soulful Date with this heavenly spectacle…
So I put it as “My Date with Dawn”…!!! :)

Ahi :)


  1. Hey ... the pictures are too good ... Ur camera is also very good .. least to be said abt the photographer !! But if the pictures anre not copyrighted can they be used for my desktop?? Mujhe yeh .. screensaver de de thakurrr !!!

  2. hey..great photos. beautiful sunrise. ur paragliding adventure looked really cool, n i had no idea that there was such a thing as microphotography.

  3. fotos kahan se bhade mein liya ..
    its really a grt talent I am seeing within U.. Mere shadi pe pakka tu meri PP banegi..(prsonal Photographer).. he he . Kidding ..
    Miss U yaar.. Yahan pe har koi ja raha hai BOA chodh kar ..
    any ways . keep smiling and treasure the memories .. take care..

  4. ahiii the pics are amazing :) mere ko photography lessons do :) after reading your writeup iam starting to love chennai :) its simply mind blowing ahi :) great work....

  5. @Blog Guru urf Sowmyajit - Shukriya ji! My cam is all khush and the photographer too :P Btw, its an honour that u asked for my pics..Would love to give them to you, and of course not copywrighted :P Its all my pleasure chora!!! :D

    @Jayshoo - Thanks a lot sweets!! Feels great to get such words from ya. Sunrise was beautiful as ever :)
    Shukriyaa for having posted that comment for my paragliding experience as well..:D
    Hope u know now wat microphotography is all about. :P Heheheeh I myself got a lesson on that only then.

  6. @Anonymous - Krushna, thanks a lot chora! Main dhany ho gayi..! well aapki shaadi pe Personal Photographer toh bann sakti hoon but hope u pay me gud..! :P
    Miss u guys too!!

    @Hemanth - Ahaaaa photography lessons from a learner?!!! Wooow!! Hehehe
    But seriously thanks for all your compliments. Never thought my words could make somebody fall in love with Chennai!!! :O :P

  7. Your blogs are like rangoli of pics and captions. This one is the queen among them, I swear! Really nice pics...

    But the best is - "It made me feel at home…Like I was no wanderer…Like I was to be there." Its so simple and so refreshing. If you had not copied from somewhere, I must say your were totally lost in nature that day!! :)

  8. @Sangeeta - Heya Geet, well they aint mere captions. They are what i feel when i view them. The pics are to act as catalysts makin' readin' all the more better & fun!! :) Thanks for those words gal!! Queen n all, m **flattered**. :D

    Also, what i write here are what the events make me feel. They are all original and never copied or lifted from anywhere my dear. :))) The sayings of some great souls which are worth being shared are made a part of my writings as quotes though. Thats's the way i like it!! :D

  9. "The sun rays started intensifying over a section and meticulously opening out. Does it remind you of something?!!! Well, isn’t it really close to the way we stretch our arms in a ‘V’ shape, before we get up?!! I loved every bit of this feeling; this imagination…Like the Sun was stretching itself to drive away the lethargy."

    Awesome lines chori!!!

  10. How can you think like this chori??
    Please make us learn this...i am ready to be your first student!! :)

  11. Hi Duck how are you doing!!!Nice pics and beautiful presentation.. :)

  12. @Shaan: Thanks a lot for pointing it out ya. I like that bit of imagination of mine as well. :)

    Well, about me thinkin' this way, u very well know, it just happens..Tomorrow you might think of somethn amazin' when i might not get anythn..:P So the credit js' goes to time. :D

  13. @Sourav: Oyeee don' call me duck okie :P hehehe waise thanks a ton boy..:)))

  14. its also a reply to somethin u told me today. u stil belong to this world , jus like every other bud which blooms to prosperity only for a beautiful tomorow :) . i loved this poem .. :)

    From Kalpesh .

  15. unanimouly appreciable way of thinking .............. kshsn se ye photu liye ho hame bhi to batao sambha ...............


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