Saturday, October 30, 2010

Indian Ocean – As the name, so the band!!

Indian Ocean – A music band known for its intensity in its touch of diversified genres, be it Fusion, Indian, Rock, Jazz or Sufi...A contemporary fusion music band whose compositions are a ‘soulful amalgamation of sorts’. At times it is seen glorifying the Indian shlokas, Christian hymns, etc. making an absolutely mesmerizing Indo-rock fusion melody, with an unusual topping of jazz making it totally spectacular!!

I had earlier heard a few, yes very few tracks of theirs but loved them to the very core having a considerably decent understanding towards this heavenly field called music. Knew them only by those few numbers I had heard till then. Their piece of music would pump an amazing level of positive energy within, making me feel great at heart and mind. Their melodies were always my best stress busters!! But back then, little did I know that there was a lot more to what they are and what their extent of passion towards their work of art was...
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