Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shades of 2010...!!!

2010 sowed a seed of the Plant of Change. I knew I needed a change well deserved! Pulled off all my responsibilities and set my legs off the usual, to live life a better way.

Walk of life through 2010...

This year had in store, all the kind of emotions I could possibly think of…It was a complete package in the sense that it gave me days of boredom, loneliness, and worries and compensated it well with the care, compassion, credit, happiness and fun-filled days, wiping out all that I wouldn’t wish to be close to.

Recap of some memorable moments in 2010:

  • Coordinated the Team Trip to Tada Falls in Andhra Pradesh.
  • An encounter with the fuming ramp, in the Fashion Show Finale of Gladiator Season II 2010.
  • A Groovy Trek to Yelagiri, in Tamil Nadu…Here I saw the raw beauty of Nature and realized the beauty that lies in its unusual self.
  • The high on Adventure Trip to the Wild Tribe Ranch at Ponneri, Tamil Nadu. An experience that made a mark about me, I loved! Adventure: The Pursuit of Life!
  • Experienced how amazing Serendipity can get! Stumbled upon some lovely people.
  • A Sashay with Parachute…Speaking of the paragliding experience at Hoskote in Bangalore.
  • My best friend’s wedding!  :)
  • Last day at the firm which gave me my first professional arena. Absolutely memorable with the amalgamation of all sorts!
  • Last day in Chennai, a splendid Rendezvous with the Sunrise! Attaching every dot of nostalgia at Chennai, it wove into a fabric as bright and positive I so totally needed.
  • Back home I was...Home sweet home, as simple as it can get!  I was in Bangalore now.
  • New place, new people...Life it is, change being the only constant! This was me in my new firm.
  • Lord Ganesha’s day! The day I possibly sketched more than I did in the last 4 years. His illustrations kept me busy...Giving birth to some simple words through the ‘Divine Art’ as well...!!! This was the magic of Ganesh Chaturthi!
  • Little surprises by friends, taking me all way long. My B’day it was!!! My Best...
  • As the name, so the band -  ‘INDIAN OCEAN’. One experience I can possibly never get off my head. Worth a million, that’s their talent in offering to India...Or perhaps to Mankind & Music.
  • Walk ‘o Trek at Gopalaswamy Betta, in Karnataka where I saw the colors of Mother Nature like never before.
  • A small yet worth an encounter with a few, not so usual animals at Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary, in Karnataka.
  • Those moments of gaze at the charismatic look of the Mysore Palace, in Karnataka after Dussehra.
  • Waited for Santa uncle to come to me with my goodies. The wait is still on though...:P
Walk of life from one YEAR to another... We all get used to the environment we live in, Environment including something as small as the year we live in. We never realize we got so used to the variable ‘year’ in the date range, Until we see the almost constant seeming variable change. When we step into a new year, we have a mix of feelings archived, Excited for a whole lot of new events in store, Proud of what small and big we have achieved, Pleased for having made it through till, crossing another door. Year end blues for all the tits and bits associated with this year, we’re gonna miss, Unhappy looking back at the short comings we had in our store, Nostalgic about the blissful moments this year, we would never wanna miss, And sad for having our senses tell us that we have crossed a year more... We anyway get used to the environment we live in, Environment including something as small as the year we live in. We never realize we got so used to the variable ‘year’ in the date range, Until we see the almost constant seeming variable change...!!! Happy 2011 to one and all…I know it’s a little late one but it’s certainly a heartfelt one!!!
- Ahi  (A simple writer)


  1. A truly effusssive and dignitory way to say good bye to the year 2010 and welcoming 2011.
    So a well cherished moments of previous year may follow u year to Year


  2. Hey Prateek urf Aryan: Thanks for all those wishes! Shukriyaa! :))

  3. that's one amazing year! hope your 2011 is a step above it

  4. Nice recap Ahi.. m glad i shared some of these experiences with you :) all the best for 2011 :)

  5. @Himansh: Thank you Himansh! Absolutely second that, m glad as well! Wish you a great 2011 too :-)

  6. Lord Ganesha’s day - the best! :) :) gr8 it was to travel along the path that has brought u til this moment. :)


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