Sunday, April 17, 2016

Camera Museum, George Town

Cameras are instrumental to moments worth capturing and photographs have the ability to make one traverse back to those memories of life. Cameras are those eyes that can make a copy of those moments which your eyes would wish to see time and again. A small thing as this has the potential to make our lives much better and happier! ‘Small’ we call it, but if you ask the professionals here (ask yourself if you are a professional photographer), they definitely would tell us how ‘big’ this subject is.
Everybody might have a different insight to photography; everybody might have a different reason to have a photograph. Having said that, it’s interesting to note that, the one desire that remains unanimous across the globe is great quality photograph.  Better photographs mean improved cameras and a good pair of hands to hold them!

Cameras have now become an essential part of our lives. Our vacations spent travelling almost seem pointless without having a camera in hand. And…If the camera is designed to get the best out of your hands, then nothing like it!! So why are we speaking so much about cameras, we all know pretty much everything about its importance and it’s want in today’s era, don’t we?


“A camera in hand”, we all can imagine. But a hundreds of it in front of your eyes with some vintage collection and in all cool shapes and sizes, how exciting would that be? We don’t get a chance to experience the spectacle of a variety display of cameras having been used over decades every now and then, do we?!! At the Muntri Street of Georgetown in Penang Island, Malaysia you’ll get to see this spectacle in a not so big arena, all put up in a very creative manner. And you also get to pick those cute little camera souvenirs back home after visiting this place! :-)

A CLICK at the right TICK!
It’s always such a treasure...!!
A TICK captured by the right CLICK!
It’s forever such a pleasure...!!

Click is to camera &
Tick is to moment!
When camera is to pen &
The pic is to drawing your moment!!

You wait for the perfect &
You click at that tick.
You wish to see it,
You wish to have it.

And here…This is ‘your pic’!!!
“Celebrate clicking and being clicked!!!”

Kudos to those brain(s) who led to the introduction of cameras to this world!!!

- Ahi (an amateur photographer)

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