Friday, September 25, 2015

Membeli-belah in KL :)

‘Membeli-belah’! Sounds like a strange lil’ tougue twister? ;) Well, it actually means ‘shopping’ in Malay (the local language of Malaysia).

You’re in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia and left thirsty for shopping! Impossible I say. Wondering what makes me say this with such confidence? Read on and know it for yourself.

China Town


Jalan Petaling or the Petaling street, a must go place in this capital city. This is better known as China Town.


It’s a long stretch of stalls & shops you can go gaga on if you’re a brand freak and feel these big brands are so unaffordable to be a part of your day-to-day life. These Chinese make it possible for you to possess the same look of  the branded items with the logo n’ designs almost exact, for a price not even remotely close to the original. But hey, do keep in mind ‘you get what you pay for’! :-) Having said that, it definitely is an absolute worth for what you invest. My experience would vouch!





Thumb rule should be to bargain till you choke. Expect the prices quoted to be atleast 2 to 5 times it’s actual worth if not more (Just a wild approximation: Depends on what we’re looking at, to hit the ratio right).

You would find quite a few artists out here busy painting a living for themselves. The display of Chinese tradition and culture through their art is absolutely brilliant! You would love to be here and just admire their work if you are a lover of art and would see yourself amidst many such like-minds thronging here.


What is this place all about?
           Fabrics & modern apparels galore
           Classy hand-bags & wallets
           Shades, watches & other go-fashionable accessories
           Footwear in abundance
           Suitcases & travel bags
           Hats & caps
           Electronic gadgets & accessories
           Artefacts & souvenirs
           Scrumptious street food ;-)



...and lots more.

It’s an incredibly colorful place and one would find it in high spirits all day long, any day. Serving the locals & the tourists with a happy shop-o-ride, it’s worth the walk even in all its hustle and bustle.

Take-away –>  Bargain your way to some awesome stuff!!! :-) ‘Bargain’ being the magic word.

Central Market


Walk a few minutes from the Petaling street and you will find yourself in the Central market, also known as the Pasar Seni in Malay. Beautifully well-organized is this place very close to China town. The culturally diverse exhibit of things is fantastic here! I totally fell in love with this place for it’s enchanting ethnic ambience & a mesmerizing streak of creativity!




The central market as a shopping mart is very different from China town. While a few items here and there are in common, the feel of it is totally different. From the wide range of stuff to the sort of shopping experience one is bestowed with, it’s all different here!!




Unlike the street shopping in China Town, you would get to see a more sophisticated and classy side of Malaysia here! This place gains an edge as it houses an extensive variety of antique artifacts, exclusive souvenirs, apparels, accessories, jewellery, etc. including artists who seem to bring anything and everything to life! The art galleries here, collectively form a colorful platform for artists and audiences to come together in their journey of art and shopping. Here, one would get to see a display of the Nation’s culture, art and heritage with a supreme ethnic touch to it! The zoned shopping areas make it look very neat and spread-out, managing the crowd well.



There is an outdoor stage which becomes the platform for regular showcase of multi-cultural performances and celebrations. We happened to be lucky to catch a glimpse of one such dance performance and thoroughly enjoyed the boogie!


Boogie woogie that I saw the Malaysian folk way. :) Click here to find out more.





Another complete charmer is the cafe ‘Old Town White Coffee’ that you would find here. Yummy to tummy beverages and some real quality titbits at quite affordable prices is what you can pacify your senses with, after some good walk around. The garlic bread I tried here was just awesome!


Take-away –>  You love shopping exclusive stuff and are ready to pay the price, this stands out to be a must visit!

Kasturi Walk


Opened in the year 2011, this is an evening market running alongside the Central Market. It’s more like an extended shopping arena of Central  Market with kiosks of souvenirs, accessories, fresh tropical fruits, food stalls, etc. It’s a pretty sight with many colorful kiosks beautifully arranged in a not so big stretch.


Walk the Kasturi walk - like it, pick it!! Just in case you don’t pick anything, you still earn a pleasant evening stroll!!!

Take-away –>  This is a ‘cherry’ on the cake called Central Market!

Butik Bintang Malls


Bukit Bintang is one of city’s most happening up-market shopping districts. It displays the pricey side of Kuala Lumpur.

These are typical malls where all medium sized to big brands dwell and the prices can soar real up.

This place is a hub of major retail malls including Bukit Bintang plaza, Berjaya Times Square, Imbi Plaza, Fahrenheit 88, Starhill Gallery alongside Suria KLCC, Pavilion KL and many more.


Bukit Bintang Plaza adjoined to Sungei Wang Plaza is a hangout place very popular amongst youngsters.
Berjaya Times Square is an enormously huge mall and targets both the middle and upper echelons of society.
Starhill Gallery alongside Suria KLCC is probably the most glamorous mall in Kuala Lumpur. It houses big fashion brands and has possibly everything that could tempt you even if you consciously come here window shopping. One end of Suria KLCC would lead you to a beautiful and awesomely breezy sit-out, with dancing fountains treating your eyes. It can get quite relaxing here! Also get a glimpse of the tallest twin tower in the world from this sit-out. Crowning the city of KL, the Petronas twin towers, a steel beauty this is!
Lo Yat Plaza is a one-stop complex for shopping electronic gadgets.



Take-away –>  Luxurious shopping on the cards, lavish is your path here!

The first half of shopping touched me more. Do try experiencing all of these when you’re in Kuala Lumpur next and see which of these is your pick! :-)

- Ahi (a keen shopper) :)


  1. Excellent. Brought KL live to the readers specially to shopping interested people. Saw kutty India written in Tamil in one of the picture. Very good d all the best. Looking forward for more. Lv lakshmi

  2. Awesome write up girl! You took me to Malaysia for free !!! :-) I can feel the experience from your words and they way you have mentioned even the slightest details, which is amazing!!! Looking fwd to more write ups!

  3. looks pretty good and i want buy the art works which have chinese paints.

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