Thursday, September 2, 2010

Aesthetically Divine…!!

Golden Temple – Amritsar, Punjab, India

The Golden Temple…I came across the name of this sacred temple when I was real young. Read about it when in school and wanted to visit this beauty ever since…It was the architectural splendor which was certainly the first factor of attraction. But little did I know about the heavenly bliss I would be blessed with, when I stepped into the premises of the Gurudwara (a place of worship for Sikhs).

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I was there in the fag end of December when the temperature was very low, all the more lower early in the morning. The chillness which was otherwise pricking my veins, seemed to be soothing me once I entered the premises. You could call it psychological but I felt it substantially within…This was a reason strong enough for me to love what I felt!
My friends and I were now in the premises admiring the surrounding structures. We removed our footwear and deposited them in the counter…Washed our hands and were all set to step in, with our heads covered with cloth. On the pathway, was a small strip of water which was miraculously warm even in that low temperature.  I felt a rush of energy in me, when I had my feet in water.
My feet were then on the marble concourse so vast. The concourse is the ‘Pradakshna/Parikrama’ (meaning circumbulatory path) which encircles the pool and the Hari Mandir (read The Temple of God). This is a sacred pool that surrounds the Temple and is known as the Amrit Sarovar (meaning, a pool of divine nectar). The golden beauty is situated at the centre of this pool. The concourse is connected to the holy shrine through a marble bridge.
I could hear the hymns being chanted which echoed all around. It was absolutely captivating! The mellifluous music seemed to unite with my blood and stimulate a whole bundle of positive energy in me, absolutely rejuvenating me…Guess this is how it feels when one is divinely mesmerized!
On the way, we got the ‘Karah’ Prasad (the holy offering) which is distributed to all the pilgrims and we carried it along with us. Walking past the arch which marks the royal start of the bridge, I was now just a few metres away from the sparkling temple. Soon, I saw myself at the Majestic Entrance!
I was there…I was there inside the Golden charisma, absolutely spell bound by the aesthetic splendor my eyes were blessed with at that moment in time!! I lived every bit of that moment, undoubtedly I did…My amazed eyes were fanatically admiring every single thing they could spot. We were beneath a crown studded with precious stones and jewels arranged in floral patterns, reminding me of the Islamic style. The architecture and the interiors were done with utmost excellence; resulting in a style that world had never seen before. The exquisite gold and marble work was one of the kinds!
The hymns being chanted by the Holy men and women in sync, were soothing my soul. They were seated beside the Guru Granth Sahib (the holy scripture of Sikhism), reciting the holy chants all day long with an unimaginable ease, making the place a sacred abode! We went around all the 3 levels in our own pace. We prayed amidst the soulful kirtans (holy chants) happening in the first level…Sat in the second level of the temple leisurely for a while and relaxed in the absolute sense. ..Then up in the third level, we enjoyed the view from the top of the Temple. It was all incredibly serene!
This wasn’t the end…We then moved to the dining hall for the Guru-ka-Langar (meaning free kitchen) which I was told, was something without being a part of which, the day at the Shrine is incomplete. Each and every day, the devotees are served with free food…Food which wasn’t just stomach filling but divinelicious (read simple yet divinely delicious)! I soon understood why they say the journey to the temple isn’t complete without this. We were all seated on the floor, together, having the same food, regardless of religion, caste, creed, color, age, gender or social status. This tradition was certainly a strong foundation and propagation of sharing and oneness which I admired. They say the tradition of Langar symbolizes that “the light of God is in all hearts”!!
I was so totally lost in its magical beauty! Certainly wouldn’t say each and every one of you will feel this way but I can bet you will surely gather a lot of positivity from your visit to this spectacle…! You will certainly feel heavenly!
A heartfelt note of thanks to ‘Brijinder’ uncle and ‘Ajeet’ aunty, as I was here in Amritsar because of them and also a huge bundle of thanks to my darling friend ‘Harleen’ whose marriage was the reason for this travel of mine! :)
P.S – This write-up is a result of me listening to the lovely song ‘ik omkar’ all through its composition! :)

- Ahi (a keen traveler)

“ Prayer is when you talk to God; meditation is when you listen to God.”  ~Diana Robinson


  1. well i myself have traveled a lot to many of india's sacred places...but very few places i would say i felt really connected to something divinely energy which can only be felt and experienced only at those places...don't know if it is the magic of the grandeur of the place or some divine power...will not go into that discussion..but golden temple is one of those rare places where anyone will feel the goosebumps right after stepping into its premises...its an amazingly serene place very contradictory to all the chaos which is outside this magnanimous structure...once you step in its really difficult to move out of that place and get mingled with your daily kinda gives you the strength to rejuvenate your life with something purposeful and that purpose seems to lie in doing the preparing the langar for others...

    CHORI all credits to you for upholding the spirit of the place!! very nice writeup and really good quotation to end it up with..keep it on!!!

  2. kya description ahi.... just loved it... while reading i felt i was thr experiencing it... iam telling you seriously start writing a book :)

  3. @Shaan: I am so glad to know that you feel the same in literally every possible way.
    Thanks a bunch for those lovely words boy! All thanks to people like you that my write-ups seem wonderful. :) Hehehe thanks! had to hunt big time for a quote of my choice though ;) :P

    @Hemanth: Oh my my!! Book and me, that's a lil' too far-fetched my bro!:) But I do wish to write one in LIFE! :D
    But, it feels wonderful when you say, readin' this made experience it! But trust me this experience is nothin' in match to what it is if you visit this spectacle! :)

  4. hey baby... it was written for u to visit this divine land.. d reason can be anyone.... its beautiful... awesome work:)harleen

  5. @Harleen: Thanks a bunch baby! :)

    But the fact still remains the same, this trip was made coz of you, uncle and aunty, beyond all doubts! N i am proudly happy that I could make it! :D

  6. very well written , just reminded me my trip to amritsar. now i can read ur blog and feel the same way again. :-)

  7. Ahi Jee... It was really great reading your article.. Though i have never been to Punjab but this is definitely one of the places on my list. I wish i could share your religious (spiritual?) sentiments.. but i really enjoyed the pictures and the quote in the end :)

  8. @Anonymous: Thanks! Yes you happily could! :)

    @Himansh: Lovely!! hehe thanks chora! :)) Keep this in the top of your list, you' ll surely fall in love with this temple, I bet! :D

  9. I believe this was the best part of sm of ur memorable visit truly awsome mostly the song with pics

    dil se dua leni ho to nam lo wahe guru ki
    waise rab to har kan me basta hai

  10. See dear lamely speaking any place that is abode to the ALMIGHTY has to be beautiful beyond description and imagination. By GOD's grace you just happened to see one of his many exquisite abodes.
    I really liked the way you brought it out for people like me, who saw and experienced the grandeour, elegance and finess of the place through our lens and writings.

  11. @Aryan: Well it indeed was! :) Thanks a lot ya!

    @Rony: I so totally agree to you. Lucky me! :)
    Thanks for all those words boy! :D

  12. Hey .. got ur message abt ur new writing but never got the time to read it. Yesterday met up with Himanshu and your name came up for discussion and remembered ur sms. Isliye aaj logged in to check wht was new!!
    No doubt abt the fact the you could do pretty well writing a book too !!

  13. @Sowmyajit: Shukriyaa Blog Guru! :) Hum dhanya ho gaye! :P Better keep reading all my posts! hehehe You too feel I could write a book!!! Topic please...:D

  14. wow! im looking fwd to visit this divine place after reading all about it right here in ur masterpiece blog! :)

  15. @Ash: M elated I could do my bit in makin' you feel its beauty!! :)

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