Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dance away to Glory!


Dance – The ultimate medicine!
Move your body and make your soul happy,
Shake your bones and excite your muscles,
Sweat the excess salt to pump up your blood,
Freshen up your senses batting to the musical notes...
Dancing towards a fitter life!

Dance – A perfect couple for Music!
As eye lash is to eye,
As lips are to smile,
As mother is to child,
As sea is to shore...
So is Music to Dance!

Dance – Is to doodle with your body!
Platform is the paper and your body the absolute pencil,
Colors are the parts of your body,
Strokes are your moves,
Shades are the expressions...
Making it a sketch alive!

Dance – Make it your style!
Dance for yourself,
Dance carefree of all around,
Dance with no rules,
Dance with your own dimensions...
Making it your signature defining your style!

Dance – Passion or Profession!
You follow the norms or trail no rules,
You adhere to the confines or know no boundaries,
You live to dance or dance to live,
Be it a passion for you or a profession...
With dance a part, a living such is worth it!

Dance can sometimes say what words can’t otherwise tell,
When you dance your heart out.
Dance can sometimes show others, what their eyes can’t otherwise notice,
When you dance for someone.

You may dance to forget the pain in you,
You may dance to celebrate the merry in you,
You may dance to express the love in you,
You may dance to melt the anger in you...
Dance the way you wish to,
Dance coz’ that’s the ultimate therapy…!

-    Ahi (Love dancin’ for myself)


  1. Waitin for ur marriage..........hopefully we ll hav a grand dance party............

  2. good good.........lets dance.....lets rock........

  3. @Maddy: Me glad you think so..M sure we'll have one :)))

    @Sudipta: Heyaaa thank you babe! You feelin' this way is surely a compliment to this piece of mine :D Come over for my marriage...

  4. weell a goodone.......surely everyone will be dancing to their level best in ur marriage.

    waiting fr the day........

  5. @Aryan: Thank you so so much boy! Me waitin' as well :D

  6. Wow.Its really amazing to see so many advantages in dancing.That's good.There is always a useful information from your side.Anyway let's see some beautiful dance programs in your marraige dude.Good one.Keep it up..........


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