Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A wish for long…

The place that cradled me when I was a kid,
The place that nourished me with all the goodness,
Doubled my happiness with its care & resources,
The land that surfaced all the little talents in me,
Where the best of my friends & extended family I got,
The place that gave me more than I could ever ask for…!

Jamshedpur is the place,
The place I lived my first 15 years of life,
The place I wanted to go back since I stepped out of it,
The place I finally went to, after 11 years,
Went to the FIRST HOME of mine with my PARTNER for LIFE,
Experience beyond words this was…!!!
Gazed at the places I once stayed,
Walked on the streets, I once used to roam for hours,
Ate at those small eat outs which were once my hang outs,
Visited the places that were once my picnic spots,
Every event, every place that wove colorful threads of stories in my life,
Lived them all, yet again, for tiny minutes though.
Change is the biggest truth of life,
The truth my eyes got to see here as well,
Mostly ‘not so comforting’ were the changes,
But ‘the beautiful memories’ overshadowed the ‘new’ so well…
I didn’t miss what had faded,
All I missed were those days, those years of my childhood.

Walking down the memory lane,
The ambience was as comfortable as before,
Certainly with a special touch to it now,
For the smell these memories were spreading around,
Was what I had been longin’ for,
Even the cold breeze seemed warm like never before…
Catching up with those lovely old friends,
With my man beside,
Was a complete bonanza for one and all.
Like they say – better late than never! J
Glad I lived one of my dreams…
Certainly a long awaited wish fulfilled…!
The more we get, the more we ask for,
So is it with me today,
I leave now, on my way back to, from where I came,
The wish of mine remains to get this feel yet again, SOMEDAY SOON!
The wish for long, lived perfectly!

---> Courtesy ‘The KING of my heart – my man!’ Thank you Santosh!


  1. You know...very intresting to read your Intense love for everything..too good yours
    everything ...betiya

  2. Awesome Ahila! Nothing like childhood!


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