Saturday, May 28, 2011

First ‘LOVE’…!!!


You taught me how to walk,
Your hands holding me, made my path,
Everytime I fell, you lifted me with all the care,
Teaching me ‘never to give up’!

You made me talk,
Your words made my language,
Everytime I stuttered, you repeated with all the patience,
Teaching me to ‘always try until I succeed’!

You put my ears and brain at peace,
Your songs & stories made my nights at ease,
Everytime I wondered where I was, you had a yet another display,
Teaching me ‘how beautiful this world is’!

You made me think right,
Your actions weaved my thoughts,
Everytime you saw me entangled, you removed the knots carefully,
Teaching me ‘what every knot meant in life’!

You taught me what love is,
Your touch was my support,
Your smile was my heart beat,
Your hug was my home.

You showed me the world,

I saw the world through your words & actions,
World still seems really SIMPLE to me,
‘Coz I still see the world in YOU…!


-  Ahi (Missin’ her life!)


  1. truly awsome and touching...............
    no words to explain love that!!!

  2. @Sudipta: Thank you sweets! :-)

    @Aryan aka Prateek: Me glad boy! :)


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