Friday, March 18, 2011

Never say ‘Never’!


This is a lesson taught to ‘her’ by LIFE and taught to ‘me’ by ‘her’...!

We all have certain likes and dislikes. Most often we have reasons to them and for a few, we can’t really reason out as to why they fall in a certain category. Well, that’s how it is ...It’s something we feel a certain way; we might not have an explanation for...Without pondering on ‘those’ with no reasons, here is a story about this big dislike a girl always had towards something with all the reasons to support this aversion of hers!

There is this place which was not her birthplace, not the place she spent her childhood, not her native but had her immediate family members there; plus it seemed like she had her cultural roots from there, somehow. She was taken to this place by her parents atleast once every year, especially during her summer vacations in school. Not that it was a hill station or something to revive her in that point in time. Fact being it was a climate even worse than the place she came from.

The family origin had spread its wings ages back on this part of earth and most of them (read kin) had their feet at some point in time, on this land. Hence, they would land up there! A reason quite strong, yet not convincing enough to a kid in high school. She felt nothing good there. Every second she would fight it out with the climate of this place...Topping this, was her body reacting to the ‘almost never changing’ climate, in various ‘not so good’ ways.

She never realized when this lingering dislike became a built-in aversion towards this place. Considering the various ‘not so comforting’ experiences she had, she strongly-willed for herself, “I shall never live HERE!”

She is now all set to hug a new family with the same pride she sees in embracing her first family. She ain’t a little girl anymore. She knows what she wants and doesn’t really have to go by what somebody asks her to do. And look where she is set to place her feet...THE PLACE she had ‘NEVER’ wanted to go! Would you believe me if I say “I still saw the happiness in her eyes”...

A bit of our conversation while I got to know that she would be moving to this place soon...

Me: ...
She: ...
Me: “Heya, but this is the very place you never wanted to go to isn’t it?”
She: Well, yep.
Me: Uh, then how come?
She: Well, because this is the BEST!
Me: You mean this place is the best?!! :O
She: No girl, I mean, the ‘happening’ is the best as I am going to the RIGHT family with the RIGHT people around. It’s the BEST for me. The rest will all fall in the RIGHT place, I know. < a ‘smile’>
Me: WOW!!! Surprising I must say...<with an ‘amazed smile’>
She: Totally! I was surprised myself. Only until I realized why I wasn’t SAD...”Lovely people can make everything around seem lovely.” Know something, now I wish to see the ‘beauties of this place’ which I otherwise failed to witness.
Me (Laughing): Sweets, I still remember how you had ‘not just once’ said “I will NEVER stay there”...
She (Laughing): Never say ‘Never’!
Me: Yea, never say ‘Never’! :)

Moral of the story:
Run behind something you really want, with all the passion and this universe will seem to help you get it.
But, never run away from something you don’t want...’It’ will run faster and make sure it holds onto you even before you realize.
- Ahi (Just another learner)


  1. Ahi...How can you tell such big thing in such simple way!!!!!!!!!! I am just wonder.........

  2. @Sudipta: Don't wonder honey, it's just the way words flew from heart and my fingers supporting this flow.

    @Divie: I always knew you will! :))))

  3. nice!! like it...
    but is SHE and ME are both you??
    If its then it will be many many more folds awesome!!

  4. @Shaan: You guessed it right, both are ME! :) Thanks chora! :)))

  5. Ahi ....
    simply awesome style of writing ... amazing ... i have never read something like this style .... beautifully put together ....

  6. @Shruti: Thank you sweets! Me sooper glad! :)

  7. I guess I saw this coming...:) And ya “I still see the happiness in her eyes..."

  8. @Saurav: I always knew you could see it the best! :)

  9. nice style of putting it across... guessed both r u from the style of conversation ;).... i ges its ur mind and heart that were conversing !! :)

  10. @Tony: Thanks yaa! :) 'Perfect' is the guess of yours I would say!

  11. Ok meaningfulllll writing........
    Being a guy I shuld not be telling this BUT this is the basic KASHMKASH goin on in everybody life and we cant help it......
    so we have to admire and find happinesss in what we r getting ignoring what we realy lost close to our heart.

  12. Beautiful writeup on the 4 letter word(FATE) which plays in everyone's life..Welcome back ;)

  13. @Aryan: Well, guess you missed the main thing here. There is no KASHMAKASH here, I thought its made very clear that she is actually HAPPY! :)

    @Bhu: So totally agree to you sweets! Thank you so much! Hope to meet you soon...:)

  14. ya true ............
    But ther is a ssying if we want to live healthy life we have to be happy(with what ever we have).

    guess u took the words........

  15. Very sweet Ahi, ur writings are so melodious and so inspiring. I love the optimism in all of your writing. Lots of best wishes for your new life :)
    Love, Bhavu di

  16. js amazing!!! :) :) :) i love every bit of it n above all i love the fact that u r gonna settle down in chennai :) :) hehehehhe.... welcome back gal, not as Ahii.. but as Mrs. Santhosh ... :D :D :D

  17. @Bhavu di: I am touched di. That's all I can say! Need your love & wishes all my life! <3 you too!

    @Ash: You have made it all the more special for me gundoos! :D


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